Anti-Snap locks: What Are The Benefits?

What Is Lock Snapping, unfortunately, is a very simple technique burglar use to gain entry to your home. It can be done in a matter of seconds and takes very little skill or effort, all that a burglar needs to do is apply force to the lock cylinder. This is often done by using a hammer or other household tools which allow them to snap the lock cylinder into two parts. A burglar does not need any skills or experience to do this. When the lock cylinder is broken in two, the burglar the burglar can then reach the locking mechanism. They would then manipulate the lock to gain entry to your home in a matter of seconds.

How Do Anti-Snap Locks Work?

Lock manufacturers have designed high security anti-snap cylinder locks to combat the risk of the lock snapping technique. Included within these cylinders are anti-snap lines, known as sacrificial lines.

When force is applied to the lock cylinder, it will break along the anti-snap line leaving the centre of the cylinder intact. As only this section breaks, it makes it more difficult for the burglar to grab the cylinder and break into it. This means that your door will remain locked and will stop the burglar from gaining entry via the door.

Do I Have Anti-Snap Locks Fitted?

In most cases it is not obvious that you have an anti-snap lock fitted just by looking at it. You would have to remove the lock from the door and see if it has the snap line on it, although this is not recommended as you could reinstall it incorrectly leaving your property at risk. If the lock sticks out of the door casing by just a few millimetres, then a burglar could use a tool to grab the lock and pull it out.

If you are eager to have an anti-snap lock installed, then it would be advised that you enlist the help of a professional locksmith. If you are keen to purchase an anti-snap lock, then we would advise that you seek advice from a professional locksmith. A qualified locksmith will measure your door and order a cylinder that is the right size to fit your specific door. A locksmith will also make sure the cylinder does not stick out of the door casing and is fitted properly.

Anti-Snap Locks Recommended By The Police

The Police have recommended that you use a 3 star rating when you are upgrading your cylinders. A cylinder with a 3 star rating is the preferred option as it provides you with the maximum level of security for locks that are tested by the TS 007 testing procedure.

If you would like to get a 5 star security rating, you can achieve this by fitting a 3 star cylinder in combination with a 2 star door handle.

When it comes to choosing an anti-snap lock, there is a vast variety available. There are five types of attacks that your locks need to be able to resist. These are snapping, drilling, plug extraction bumping, and picking. Below we have listed a few of the more popular high security cylinders and what to look for:

Sold Secure SS312 Diamond Cylinders

SS312 Diamond was the first test standard produced to combat lock snapping and is considered to be the highest level of approval for lock cylinders. The SS312 Diamond has received vigorous testing to establish the euro cylinder locks resistance against lock snapping.

TS007 3-Star Cylinder

The TS007 3 star cylinder is independently tested by BSI and awarded the British Kitemarked TS007:2014 3 star accreditation. The TS007 3 star lock refers to a Euro cylinder that has been subjected to an attack test in addition to the testing performed on a one star cylinder.

The Police recommend both the SS312 Diamond locks or TS 007 3 star locks for when you upgrade the locks on your home or business premises.


1-Star Cylinder with 2 Star Handle

Another option to the 3-star euro cylinder option is to have a 1-star euro lock cylinder protected by 2-star approved door handle.


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